Gehwol Foot Cream

  • Advance to strengthen skin and prevent blisters
  • All natural ingredients
  • Used to protect amputation stumps
  • Protection against cold feet
  • Aching feet, sores, blisters and chaffing
For tired feet, gehwol foot cream is used by runners, walkers, dancers and workers who are on their feet all day. It prevents chafing and blisters caused by walking, running and general activity. It's anti-inflammatory effect, prevents athlete's foot and brings the activity of the perspiratory glands back to a normal level.

Other features are it soothes painful feet at the end of a hard day. Eliminates foot odour and side effects of sweaty feet - strengthens the skin and makes it resistant - protection against cold feet, chilblains and frostbite - can be used to protect amputation stumps - all natural ingredients.
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