Mykored Nail Tincture Pippette Dropper

Mykored Nail Tincture Pipette Bottle Deodorises and cares for skin in between the toes. It helps to prevent skin infections including athlete’s foot. Mykored is safe, painless and effective at treating nail infections. It is effective at treating and preventing the causes of foot odour at a microbial level. Mykored is based on a well-proven combination of active agents that effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. The development of an unpleasant foot odour can thus be effectively prevents. Mykored does not affect the natural transpiration of the skin. The skin-conditioning agents and urea in its formulation nourish the skin of the foot at the same time.

With its additional antifungal properties, Mykored helps prevent undesirable colonisation by harmful fungi on the skin. After a visit to the sauna, a swimming pool or a public shower, the use of Mykored promotes foot hygiene and thus helps to reduce the risk of a fungal infection.

Suitable for use on all skin types and now also diabetics.
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