Custom insoles
100% customisable insoles use Sidas custom technology to offer enhanced comfort and performance.
Custom Insoles General or Sport

General versatile orthotic, suitable for many pathologies and types of footwear.

With an expertene forefoot pad it provides great cushioning with strong support thanks to the Carbon TX double reinforcement in the mid and rear foot.

A biomechanical Sport orthotic that stabilises the foot at both the mid and rear foot. A comfortable and very durable orthotic. Its dynamic, propulse fore foot enhances propulsion and special Transflux reinforcements provide optimum stability and biomechanical guidance. The Protech heel pad reduces impact.
¾ Insoles for work and everyday shoes.
For work and everyday shoes, a special low profile and ¾ length, they can be fitted to men’s and women’s; work shoes, dress shoes, party shoes, dance shoes and every day shoes.
As they are ¾ length they can usually be moved from shoe to shoe.
The Sidas Custom technology enables you to have 100% customised insoles. A flat Custom insole is used as a base before being heated and moulded to get a print of your feet. They adapt to the morphology of your feet to offer you optimal comfort.

Innovative products developed and tested in conjunction with experts, elite athletes and prestigious organisations, across both sporting and medical divisions. In partnership with podiatrists, SIDAS MEDICAL-PODIATECH has developed the tools to respond effectively to all patients and pathologies.
Sidas has become the brand of choice for top athletes in a number of sports across the world, thanks to its innovative solutions.

The Benefits of Custom Insoles:

Improves back, knee, leg and ankle health

Fewer calluses, corns, and bunions

Reduced lower back pain

Plantar fasciitis

Fallen arches

High arches

Achilles tendonitis
Hammer toes
Foot rotation
Diabetic foot problems
Geriatric conditions
Congenital abnormalities
Narrow/wide feet
Foot trauma
Improving stability and balance
Improving posture and body alignment issues
Increasing endurance and stamina
Reducing fatigue
Reducing athletic recovery time
Preventing overuse injuries
Reducing postural instability
Correcting biomechanical conditions

Relieves pressure.

Custom Orthotics Can Change Your Life!

Custom orthotics are designed to support problem areas in your feet. This can relieve heel pain, help compensate for a toe joint deformity, and even lift an arch.

Foot orthotics can correct this misalignment of bones beginning with your feet, creating a positive domino effect upward, until your posture improves, alleviating back pain.

Custom orthotics change the way your body moves, and they absorb more impact when you walk, run, or stand.

In addition to reducing your back pain, this added shock absorption may help alleviate pain in your ankles, knees, and hips. And that could very well improve the quality of your life.

Your feet may not be the first area that comes to mind when you’re trying to get to the root cause of your back and joint pain, but it’s certainly worth investigating as part of the problem.

How does it work?

1. Impression

A mould of your foot is taken using state of the art high definition (HD) vacuum technology – imagine a hi-tech footprint in the sand.

2. Heat Moulding

A composite insole is vacuum heated to soften and bond the specific materials together, before being placed in the HD mould. Your foot is then placed on the insole to form an exact mould of your foot.

3. Shaping and trimming

After your insoles have set to your exact foot shape, they are hand finished with high density form to stabilise and customise the support in your shoes and then hand trimmed to exactly fit.

While discomfort is your symptom, underlying structural abnormalities are often the culprit when it comes to foot pain. Rather than masking your pain, custom orthotics correct the underlying cause, such as collapsed arches (pronation) or high arches (supination).

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